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About Simple Strategies


Sheila Rolling, MA

Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Heather Teigen, MS

Certified Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach

Sheila Rolling and Heather Teigen are the founders of Simple Strategies.  For over two decades, they have helped hundreds of clients find success in achieving their health goals and are looking forward to helping you too!


They are both busy wives, moms, and fitness professionals. Sheila has her Master’s Degree in Exercise Science, and is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Owner of Fit for Life.  Heather has her Master’s Degree in Kinesiology, and is a Certified Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach. Together they share a passion for helping others create and maintain a healthier lifestyle.


With all the conflicting nutrition advice there is today, making healthy choices can feel overwhelming. Sheila and Heather understand how frustrating this cycle can be. They created Simple Strategies as an online platform to help people feel less confused and start to perceive healthy nutrition as simple and attainable.


These Simple Strategies have been put to the test on hundreds of clients.  These clients have found success in simplifying their nutrition. This is possible for you too! Sheila and Heather look forward to guiding you though their Simple Strategies and are dedicated to your success!

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