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Simple Strategies plan has simplified the journey to better nutrition and health goals. It’s not a quick fix but a simple plan that encourages “small daily choices that lead to BIG results” with lifelong benefits. No foods are bad, but you learn better choices and the plan teaches you to pay attention to your own body signals to help you make better choices. Simple Strategies is unlike other diet plans, offering individualized coaching, support and encouragement throughout the plan and beyond. These gals are knowledgeable, passionate and truly care about your success. Another thing this plan offers that others don’t is mindset coaching and meal planning. When you change your mindset and have a meal plan in place it is easier to make healthier choices. There is no shaming, only positivity and encouragement to strive to be better than you were before which has lead to weight loss, feeling stronger and more self-confidence. 

-Lori M.


I have struggled with weight management ever since I quit smoking many  years ago. I joined Weight Watchers twice, tried the DASH diet, the Mayo Clinic diet, and counted calories.  Simple Strategies has given me the most success. Simple Strategies is different from the other programs. The approach is psychological as well as practical.  There are weekly online videos, messages, and encouragement from Heather and Sheila as well as other members. We also receive monthly meal planning tips, and are encouraged to journal our goals daily. In addition, we are taught a simple way of portion control by using our hands. This makes eating out easy, as our hands are always with us. We learn how to balance our diet and the importance of water intake. Personal advice and encouragement is readily available whenever needed. 


I have personally benefited from being a Simple Strategies member. I am not through losing weight, but I have lost 13 pounds and kept it off. This is the first holiday season that I can remember during which I have not gained weight. I have learned that I do not have to be perfect. If I goof, and I have, I can simply get back on the program without beating myself up or getting depressed. This is because I am learning that good nutrition is a lifelong process, that I need to be patient with myself, that I do not need to stress out about food. I only need to pay attention to portion control, water intake, and exercise. No foods are denied. However, I do need to pay attention to a balance of nutrition. I also like the fact that the whole family can eat what I eat. No special cooking or meals for me! I love the Simple Strategies Program!

-Emily N.


I started this journey a year ago.  When I first joined simple strategies I was skeptical.  But, it was inexpensive and Lori was doing it so I thought I'd give it a try.  I listened to the first videos and still wasn't 100% in.  I have to note that I hadn't stepped on a scale yet.  I knew I wouldn't like my number so I avoided it.  I was watching one of Heather's facebook videos a couple weeks into the program and truly had an ah-ha moment.  I was excited!  I had hope this could really work.  That week I stepped on the scale.  Not as horrible as I had thought in my head.  Since then I really enjoy the nutrition and mindset coaching I get every week. Some pertain to my life more than others but that's ok.


The nutrition coaching really is simple.  I've gotten so I really enjoy finding new recipes to try.  Do I follow Simple Strategies 100%?  Nope! I've been known to enjoy a little too much wine or one to many margaritas in an evening out,  Plus, I love pizza.... Do I do this as frequently as I used to? Also nope.  When I go out, I find myself looking at the menu and choosing different options most of the time. I plan my meals and eat out way less than I used to.  I notice that I don't really miss it.  That's how I have been able to keep with my nutrition goals.  Be better than I used to be and make good choices most of the time. 


The mindset coaching has also helped me keep my brain in check.  There are weeks when I don't get to exercise as much as I'd like.  There are weeks when you are just tired.  The mindset piece has reminded me that life happens and it's ok not to be perfect.  Kinda like giving yourself the pep talk you'd give a friend. 


So my result so far.....I have released 60 pounds!!!!  I know, AMAZING!!  Who would have thought a year ago I could do this ( yes, Heather and Sheila I know you did)!  I have been fortunate that my husband, Doug has jumped on board. He hears some of the videos, but basically just eats what I do.  As of this week he is down 65 pounds!!!  We have both needed to purchase new wardrobes this year. We are both relearning how to  shop for clothing.  When you are plus sized you are limited to where you can buy things.  This is part of our journey excites us both.  The first attached picture was taken in March 2019.  I believe we both had dropped about 20 pound by then.  The second picture is our most recent from the end of December. My story isn't over yet.  I have more goals I plan to achieve in 2020!! Stay tuned...


So I'd say, give Simple Strategies a try.  It truly is simple! Plus what do you have to lose? Maybe 60 pounds?

-Judy D.


I’ve always considered myself healthy, but I wanted to lose 15-20 pounds.  I joined Simple Strategies 2 months ago, and very easily lost 10 pounds!  It’s called Simple Strategies for a’s simple!  Learning their strategies about portion sizes, reading labels, and sugar sources worked for me.  It’s a lifestyle I easily adapted to, and I plan to continue.  

-Nichole L.


Numbers on the scale were triggers for me to binge eat in the past.  I’m avoiding that stress by instead concentrating on how I feel after I eat different foods and on focusing on what serves my body best.  I’m sleeping great and I have a ton of energy!  

-Sara N.


I’ve been making more suppers in my crock pot to save time.  I am packing healthy lunches rather than going to a gas station or eating out.  I am definitely drinking more water, and I am much more conscious of how much I am eating.  I have good days and bad days, but I’m slowly getting better at it. 

-Sheila L.


I have learned to be present during holidays and special moments.  I have learned to listen to my body and allow myself to rest when needed.  I always reach for water first.  I choose the healthiest choice possible, and I eat in moderation.  

-Kim S.

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