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What if losing weight wasn't so complicated?

I’ve wondered that almost every day.

Is there a way to educate and coach people that empowers them to let go of fad diets?

What if ‘slow and steady’ really is the answer?

Hello!  My name is Heather Teigen.  Together with Sheila Rolling, we’ve created Simple Strategies.  At first glance, Simple Strategies appears to be an online nutrition class and an online group nutrition coaching forum.   However, it’s much more than that.

Our philosophy on healthy nutrition is simple:  everything in moderation and let’s learn proper portion sizes.

Sounds too simple to be effective, right?
Maybe it is.

But what if the Simple Strategies you’ll learn with us are all you really need?

What if you take our online course, “Simple Strategies for Nutrition Beginners,” and you realize achieving your health goals is easier than you thought?  There’s no travel required.  You’ll learn how to manage all kinds of foods – no restrictive diets here.

What if you learn in our private “Simple Strategies Members” group why you’ve always gained your weight back from past diets?  Successful lifelong weight management is more than just giving you knowledge.

Let’s stop the demoralizing cycle of going on and off again diets. 

Let’s achieve more food freedom and less nutrition stress together!

Take your health future down a new path.  Start by taking our our online course,

Simple Strategies for Nutrition Beginners.”  You’ll receive 12 lessons that include videos and pdf formats.  You’ll also gain access to our exclusive “Simple Strategies Members” Facebook group free for 30 days.

Click on: to get started today!

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