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Report Card Syndrome

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Today we’re going to talk about the “report card syndrome Definition:  We begin to believe what a “report card” says about us is true. Can you remember a time when a report card told you you weren’t good at something?  If you have a child in school, you’ll see this “report card syndrome” often.  Your son or daughter comes home with low scores on assignments.  Let’s use reading assignments as an example.  Over time, as your student brings home assignments and tests with low reading scores, they begin to believe they’re not good at reading.  This belief in their conscious brain creates emotions of discouragement and doubt in their subconscious brain.  These emotions fuel behaviors that avoid reading.  Our behaviors create our results.  The end result is continued poor performance with reading.

Yes – there could be an underlying issue such as poor eyesight or dyslexia.  Nevertheless, mindset is absolutely affected, and it is a very powerful thing.  Once our mindset starts down the path of discouragement to inaction to lack of results, it can be a difficult cycle to break.  Good news!  It is very possible to change our mindset.  It’s something we can easily work on daily.

Assignments, tests, report cards, or weight scales DO NOT dictate our future results.  Many people don’t realize this.  They allow these results to determine their beliefs and this leads them to stop trying.  Or to give minimal effort at best.

If you’re working on getting healthier, and that means monitoring your weight or body composition, we want you to know that the scale, measuring tape or body fat percentage is merely a picture….it’s a snap shot of where you are at right now.  It doesn’t determine where you’ll be in the future.  Trust the process.  Learn to recognize all the good that you’re doing.  It will help you enjoy the journey.

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