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Confession: I ate a flour tortilla

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

We are leaders in the undiet movement. Everything in moderation is our philosophy.

Many diets that tell people they can’t eat certain foods like bread, fruit, breakfast, or flour tortillas. Those diets only create temporary results. We're not interested in temporary results.

As soon as we tell ourselves, “you can’t eat that…it’s not on our “approved” food list,” that seems to be all we think about. Here's a picture of one of the commonly forbidden foods:  a flour tortilla. It's from my breakfast this morning.  Yes – this is an article about tortillas.  Kind of…

I have a confession…I ate a flour tortilla.  My breakfast burrito was in a flour tortilla. What?!? Isn’t “white flour” bad?  Aren’t healthy people supposed to choose whole wheat first?  Or corn over flour tortillas?


I prefer flour tortillas over corn.  They hold together so much better and I think they taste better too!

Instead of stressing about what type of tortilla I ate, I’ll focus on achieving my water goal, getting in 1-2 fruit servings and 3-4 veggie servings today, and take my multivitamin/fish oil. 

I’ve already gotten in some exercise today too.

At Simple Strategies, our goal is to help people stop stressing about the nutritional restrictions social media places on us, and start enjoying more food freedom.

We help people realize that there's a simpler way to achieve their health goals.

Simple Strategies is a leader in the undiet movement.  Let’s stop focusing on what we can’t eat, and instead focus on the abundance of healthy foods that can help us have renewed energy.  When we’re around those “not so healthy choices,” if we decide to enjoy them we’re going to stay mindful of moderation. No foods are off limits.

Slow down and enjoy every bite.  Savor the tastes and textures of all kinds of foods.

Let's create life long results together.

Join Simple Strategies in our undiet movement!

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