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Lesson #10

Balanced Breakfast =

Decreased Cravings

Welcome to lesson 10 of your Simple Strategies for Nutrition Beginners Program!

Balanced Breakfast = Decreased Cravings

Welcome to your final week of our Simple Strategies for Nutrition Beginners Program.  You’ve learned:

  • Importance of drinking water

  • Pay attention to your full signals

  • Hand measurement system for proper carbohydrate, fat, and protein portion sizes.


Simple Strategy:

Balanced Breakfast

Balanced Breakfast = having a protein, carbohydrate, and good fat to start your day.


Did you know that how you start your day can directly impact 
your food cravings throughout the rest of the day?

When we eat a meal high in carbohydrates and low in protein, our bodies digest the carbs into glucose.  The glucose is quickly absorbed into the blood stream.  

Your brain senses a higher level of blood glucose (sugar), and triggers the pancreas to release the hormone, insulin. To keep it simple, the insulin helps decrease the glucose levels which results in lower blood sugar. 

Low blood sugar is often experienced as fatigue, cravings, moodiness, feeling light-headed, and hunger.

What do you think happens next?  


Your body tries to regulate this by craving more carbohydrates.

Starting this roller coaster effect of high blood sugar to low blood sugar creates highs and lows of energy and food cravings.

Your energy levels and food cravings in the afternoon and evenings can often be traced back to what you ate for breakfast.

Examples of Balanced Breakfast 

1 tablespoon sunflower or any nut butter,

½ a banana, 1 slice of toast, and ½ teaspoon

of Chia seeds (source:


½ cup (measured uncooked) oatmeal,

1-2 eggs, and optional toppings for the

oatmeal (fresh berries, apple pieces, or

1 tablespoon of a nut butter) 


½ - 1 cup of cottage cheese 
topped with ½ cup of fruit.


This week we encourage you to try one or two new ideas for breakfast.
Pay attention to your energy and food cravings.

Don’t be surprised if you notice:


  • more stable energy levels

  • decreased food cravings

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