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Lesson #3

Weekend Reminder:

Drink More

Welcome to your third Simple Strategies for Nutrition Beginners lesson, "Weekend Reminder: Drink More."

Did you know that weekends are 43% of your week?  Staying dedicated to practicing your Simple Strategies Friday - Sunday will help you achieve your goals faster.

Weekend Reminder
Drink More and Eat to 80% Full

Happy Friday! Your lesson today is short, but powerful. It’s a weekend reminder to stay intentional with your simple strategies of drinking your water goal and watching for your full signals.  

1.  Be intentional with your water goal.

Especially on the weekends.


2. Every time you eat, stop and notice,

“How hungry am I?”

Let’s talk about the weekends for a moment. Often, when Friday comes, we want to take a break from our healthy habits. We are tired from our week and just want to relax. It’s easy to take a break from cooking, exercising, and staying mindful of our fitness goals.

Did you know that Friday – Sunday 
43%  of your week?


It’s the choices you make on the weekends that will
make or break your fitness goals progress.



Weekends also bring distractions for your fitness goals. Weekend distractions can be:

Social activities 


House Projects

These distractions can cause you to forget or procrastinate about this week's simple strategy.

This weekend, stay mindful of your water goal with these two things:

1.  Start each meal and snack by drinking a half of full glass of water.
2.  Use your water tracking system to help you stay mindful of your water intake.

Weekends can be an excellent time to practice hunger awareness. Every time you eat, stop and ask yourself, “How hungry am I?”

If it is meal time and you’re not hungry, wait 30-60 minutes, or eat a small amount and save the rest for later.


Remember: If you’re a level 7 or higher, then go ahead and eat.  
Eat slowly and pay attention for the 80% full signal of, “I’m content.”

Caution:  We tend to match the pace of other people’s eating when having a meal together.  If you’re around people that eat fast, you’ll be tempted to eat fast too.  

What if you finish your food first?  You might find yourself tempted to snack on extra food that’s still on the table.  If you find yourself in this situation, one trick is to use both hands to hold onto your water glass and take occasional sips. If your hands are busy holding onto something, they are less likely to be reaching for additional bites of food.

We are excited for you to practice your Simple Strategies this weekend!

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