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  • Be in control of your mindset around food.

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Un-Diet Movement

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  • 12 Lessons that will help you   un-diet your weight loss
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Are you ready to join our Un-Diet Movement? 


Hi, Sheila and Heather here!  We have helped hundreds of people with their weight loss and health goals... simply.


Our custom program started as a need to teach people some simple strategies that they could use in their busy lives. 


Now, men and women all over are feeling great just by applying what they learn from their Simple Strategies program.

Let us help you keep healthy habits simple and experience a different way of thinking about food and exercise. 

Nichole L.

It's called Simple Strategies for a's simple!  I very easily lost 10 pounds in 2 months!  It's a lifestyle I easily adapted to, and I plan to continue.  

Track your goals.

Get Your Journal!

Achieve Results


Our Simple Strategies journal is your go-to for easily tracking progress. 

More Energy

Food choices can directly impact your energy level.  You'll learn how.

Less Stress

Nutrition doesn't need to be complicated.  You'll learn how simple it can be.

Nutrition Freedom

Restrictive diets are a thing of the past.

You'll eat real food!

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